Mar 15, 2017

Episode 97: Are We Afraid To Feel As A Culture? Hmm


Mar 10, 2017

Episode 96: Managing Everyday Life.

We discuss the challenges of an overwhelmed culture.


Mar 1, 2017

Episode 95: Fur Babies.

Got One? Spending Big Bucks On One? Let's Talk Pets.


Feb 22, 2017

Episode 94: Masculinity. What Defines A “Real Man?”

Are we setting the best example for our boys?


Feb 14, 2017

Episode 93: Communicating Love on Valentine’s Day

Are you fluent in the language of love? 


Feb 8, 2017

Episode 92: Black History Month - What’s It All About?

Digging deep on an annual observance. 


Feb 1, 2017

Episode 91: ‘Sex And The City’ Revisited

An old show; a new perspective. What's with Carrie Bradshaw?!


Jan 26, 2017

Episode 90: And The Women Marched

Questions. Answers. Support.


Jan 19, 2017

Episode 89: Money. What Is It Really The Root Of?

Negative opinions about people with money? So, why do we all want it so badly?


Jan 11, 2017

Episode 88: Kathy Cano-Murillo, THE “Crafty Chica,” Talks Crafting, Glitter and Success

Kathy Cano-Murillo is "spreading the gospel of glitter," and we've just joined her congregation! This "Crafty Chica" is an absolute joy on every conceivable level. We loved doing this interview!


Jan 4, 2017

Episode 87: “Don’t Forget Where You Came From!” Say What?!

Have you ever heard someone say this to you? Or have you said it to someone else? Let's examine the motive behind the message.


Dec 28, 2016

Episode 86: Making The Most Of 2017

What do you want to reflect on at this time next year? There are a few tricks to seeing those accomplishments.


Dec 21, 2016

Episode 85: Good Will Toward Man. Are We Doing The Best We Can?

Matthews and McGuire discuss the state of our current season of giving, while wishing you the very best of all that's good about this beautiful, reflective time of year. 


Dec 14, 2016

Episode 84: Frank Redman -Author, Medical Miracle and Walking Inspiration

Frank Redman, author of the book ELIJAH, talks about living with terminal cancer, being mentored by Dean Koontz and how to stay uber positive in a world that doesn't always reflect back. We walked away from this interview totally inspired. You will, too.


Dec 7, 2016

Episode 83: Man vs. Kangaroo

Was the guy out of line or justified? We go toe-to-toe on the YouTube controversy.


Nov 30, 2016

Episode 82: Jealousy

Is it always warranted? Does it bring anything constructive to a relationship? M&M rip this scarey monster apart.


Nov 23, 2016

Episode 81: To Outsource, Or Not To Outsource. That Is The Question

Does outsourcing really steal jobs from Americans, or can it be the key to running a successful business? Hmm


Nov 16, 2016

Episode 80: Sex And Intimacy. Dr. Kat Smith Sets The Record Straight.

She's a Doctor of Human Sexuality, an Intimalogist (Intimacy Expert), and a Certified Loveologist! Who better to explain the workings of a functional relationship? 


Nov 9, 2016

Episode 79: Should A Man Always Foot The Bill?

Should a man always pick up the tab while dating? And what about after marriage? Apparently, expectations vary.


Nov 2, 2016

Episode 78: Is Doing The Right Thing So Wrong?

Are morals and ethics fuzzy gray areas? Has doing the right thing become a thing of the past? Mike and Leana discuss.


Oct 26, 2016

Episode 77: If It’s Too Good To Be True . . .

Dreamers beware, and stay focused.


Oct 19, 2016

Episode 76: Comparing Yourself With Others? Let’s Discuss.

We've all done it. Some make a career out of it. Is the practice productive? Here our thoughts.


Oct 12, 2016

Episode 75: Married For 60 Years! McGuire’s Parents Discuss Love And Longevity.

Although entertaining and often humorous, this interview has a very somber undertone. The day after interviewing Leana's parents, Walter & Lois McGuire, her mom suffered a massive stroke that left her physically debilitated. She would pass away just eight days later, leaving a gaping hole in the hearts of all who knew her. This episode is dedicated to the memory of Lois Irene Isabel McGuire (nee Bristow). She lived well, loved strong and gave much. A phenomenal mother and a gentle soul. Until we meet again . . . 

Oct 6, 2016

Episode 74: Embrace The Process

Lose the yesterday and tomorrow crap. Be present in today, and embrace the process. All struggles and challenges are relative.


Sep 30, 2016

Episode 73: The Battle of the Sexes | Part Two [Throwback]

Enjoy part two of the hilarious throwback episode when Leana and Mike went head-to-head on which sex complains the most. Episode nineteen was definitely a Matthews & McGuire Classic as well. Let us know who won part two of the battle. 


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